EKSPERIMENT KATJA - festival Rencontres

EKSPERIMENT KATJA will be shown at the festival Rencontres Internationales in HKW, Berlin, on Sunday August 21st, at 17 Uhr. You are all welcome! the festival entrance is free of charge

Difficult Pasts. Connected Worlds

"33 MONSTERS", a novel by Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal is a collaboration with Jenny and Peter Zinovieff, Lucy Railton, Johanna Ruukholm and Varvara Toropkova. The installation in the National Gallery of Vilnius is the result of our research about Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal the novel she published in 1907 in Petersburg, first lesbian novel in the Russia. The novel will be published in autumn 2022, bilingual and illustrated.
Difficult Pasts. Connected Worlds With the beginning of Russia's war in Ukraine, the past has returned in Eastern Europe, changing from something distant into a present-day disaster for millions of people. The invasion that started in 2014 with Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk was often dismissed by the international community, but has now grown into a situation that is affecting the whole world. This war hits Eastern Europe most alarmingly, reviving many silences, unhealed wounds and unprocessed memories of the totalitarian past. "Difficult Pasts. Connected Worlds" includes works by artists from the three Baltic countries, Ukraine, Poland, Finland and the Netherlands. The experiences the works evoke are ones that are often forgotten or ignored, excluded from official histories. Artists included in the exhibition narrate those experiences through individual stories, while evoking broader layers of cultural memory. What is the place of these stories in the present? How could we integrate them in our understanding of history? What do they change in our perception of the world around us? Overcoming local and national borders, the exhibition calls for reflection on the relationships between difficult pasts and their impact today through the perspective of a shared history by opening dialogue, forging connections and foregrounding solidarities between the different difficult histories.
Curators: Ieva Astahovska, Margaret Tali, Eglė Mikalajūnė Participating artists: Anastasia Sosunova, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Jaana Kokko, Laima Kreivytė, Lia Dostlieva & Andrii Dostliev, Matīss Gricmanis & Ona Juciūtė, Quinsy Gario & Mina Ouaouirst, Paulina Pukytė, Ülo Pikkov, Vika Eksta, Zuzanna Hertzberg. Architect: Jonas Žukauskas Designer: Alexey Murashko The exhibition is organized by the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art and the National Gallery of Art (Lithuanian National Museum of Art)


Eksperiment Katja was selected for: Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin held from 2 to 8 May 2022, in Paris and live online. Schedule information: Centre Wallonie Bruxelles - Screening - Thursday 5 May - 8pm

KUMU Muuseum, Tallinn, Estonie

12/11/2021 – 09/10/2022 Art in the Comfort Zone? The 2000s in Estonian Art KUMU Museum, Tallinn
The exhibition Art in the Comfort Zone? The 2000s in Estonian Art continues the series of exhibitions at the Kumu Art Museum dedicated to contemporary art which started with the project The X-files [Registry of the Nineties] in 2018 (curated by Eha Komissarov and Anders Härm). The current exhibition, based primarily on the contemporary art collections of the Art Museum of Estonia and the Tartu Art Museum, offers insights into the art of the noughties; it also sheds light on some less widely known works and ideas that were fully manifested only in the teens. The display is laid out in the form of dialogues between different topics, keywords and motifs, with the purpose of conveying the sensibilities, artists’ positions and viewpoints characteristic of the art of the decade. On the broadest social and political plane, this was the decade that greatly shaped the world we are living in now. Neoliberalism, the rise of China, ultrafast developments in (digital) technologies and an altered media sphere ‒ all of these keywords describe processes that started or intensified in the noughties and continue to be of consequence today. Considering all of the above, what can we say about the art of the noughties? The decade that was ushered in by a hangover of the tumultuous art life of the nineties and that ended with a truly varied art scene is not easily defined and it’s difficult to find a common denominator. The art of the noughties evolved in every possible direction, in content as well as form and, although it largely elaborated on the topics and developments of the previous decade, it manifested a different sensibility, which is what the works selected for this exhibition highlight. The above-mentioned new sensibility or approach is mostly attributed to the young artists who entered the art scene in the 2000s: several artists who have now reached the peaks of their creative careers emerged in the noughties with powerful debuts and a new type of artist’s position. Young artists who no longer regarded the radical quality of the previous decade as a value brought new topics and a new vocabulary into art, including the techniques of relational aesthetics, queer art and the concept of art as a form of research. In hindsight, the fundamental changes of the decade were not elicited solely by the young who began their art studies in the early 2000s, but the developments that defined the decade were triggered by their dialogue with the 1990s generation, many of whom were in their absolute creative prime at the time, shaping the art scene with their solo works, as well as through tutoring.
Artists: Avangard, Kaisa Eiche, The Elfriede Jelinek School of English Language, Dénes Farkas, Minna Hint, Villu Jaanisoo, Sandra Jõgeva, Johnson ja Johnson, Edith Karlson, Flo Kasearu, Jass Kaselaan, Alice Kask, Kiwa, Karel Koplimets, Neeme Külm, Marco Laimre, Andres Lõo, Marko Mäetamm, Herkki-Erich Merila, Marge Monko, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Tanja Muravskaja, Naiskunstnike laulu- ja mänguselts Puhas Rõõm, Kristina Norman, Kaido Ole, Taavi Piibemann, Mark Raidpere, Tõnis Saadoja, Jaanus Samma, Ene-Liis Semper, Arbo Tammiksaar, Toomas Thetloff, Jaan Toomik, Anna-Stina Treumund, Sigrid Viir, Jevgeni Zolotko https://kumu.ekm.ee/en/syndmus/art-in-the-comfort-zone-the-2000s-in-estonian-art/

MOSFILMFEST 2021, Moscow

MosFilmFest / Кинофестиваль
EKPSERIMENT KATJA is shown at Mosfilmfest international film festival in Moscow, opening on September 14th, 2021. EKPSERIMENT KATJA is scheduled on September 26th, 2021 at Coworking center (Ryazansky prospect metro station) http://mosfilmfest.ru/en/program/


TRAVERSES - filmer LA GRAVE Après près de huit ans de tournages dans les hameaux de la Grave, aux Terrasses et au Chazelet, je suis heureuse d'annoncer que j'ai pu réaliser une trentaine de séquences de 3 minutes.Je remercie infiniment les agricoles Colette, Jean-Jeaques, Luca et Tonin sionnet, Jean-Louis et Monique, et François Sionnet, Michelle, Bernard, Anthony et Rémy Sionnet. Les films, je les ai regroupés sur le blog: https://traverses-lagrave.tumblr.com/ (mot de passe: traverses). La cinémathèque de montagne, à Gap, les a recueillis aussi dans leurs archives et les met ainsi à disposition de tous pour consultations et projections: https://www.cimalpes.fr/