commissaire d'exposition KATERINA GREGOS

présente le film FEU

Kunsthalle de Mulhouse
31 mai-27 août 2017

A World Not Ours is a group exhibition focusing on the current refugee crisis and issues of forced displacement related to the war in Syria as well as other conflict zones. The exhibition began last summer at the Schwarz Foundation’s Art Space Pythagorion, on the island of Samos, Greece. While the first chapter of the exhibition focused on the experience of flight, the precariousness of the journey and the clandestine economy that fuels the plight of the refugees, this iteration at La Kunsthalle Mulhouse will extend its focus to what happens once refugees have reached the ‘promised land’. The exhibition also looks into how European citizens experience the migration crisis.
The exhibition includes a group of artists, photographers, filmmakers and activists who mostly come from the Middle East or South-Eastern Europe, from countries that have experienced war, exodus and perilousness first hand. They have a proximal and intimate relation to trauma and communal experiences of suffering. Deploying diverse practices such as installation, photography, film, video and direct action, the work of the participating artists provides deeper insight into the plight of the refugees and points to the complex roots of the situation, while contextualising it within the larger global picture.

La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, centre d’art contemporain
La Fonderie
16 rue de la Fonderie
F- 68093 Mulhouse Cedex