JURMALA, MAAT museum in Lisbon


Our collective film "Jūrmala" 2010/2016, 9` (Berlin /Riga) by Meggie Schneider, Tanja Ostojić, Laura Horelli, Nina Lassila, Agnese Lūse, Angela Melitopoulos, Eléonore De Montesquiou, Isabell Spengler, Gitte Villesen, will be shown at 
- NBK, Berlin, on December 12th, 2-8pm
- MAAT museum in Lisbon, Portugal in the frame of ARTISTS’ FILM INTERNATIONAL from 3 OCT 2017 - 30 APR 2018. With subtitles in Portuguese: https://www.maat.pt/en/exhibitions/artists-film-international