Leninskij prospekt 95a, Moskau

Leninskij prospekt 95a
at Goethe Institut, Moscow

is my collaboration with

Natasha Sabrodskaya (installation and furniture)
Viktor Timshin (audio piece)
Sergey Nikitin (text)
Johanna Rukkholm (graphic design)

part of the works of "Leninski 95", 
curated by Astrid Wege, cultural director of Goethe Institut Moskau

I add here some images of our work:

- desk and a lamp from GDR times that Natascha found in the now abandoned building of the GDR embassy, 
- sound machine with plug-ins to Viktor's sound pieces
- booklet

With my drawings of the building, Sergey Nikitin's text and layout by Johanna Ruhkkholm, we published a booklet.
Viktor Timshin worked on rooms of the ex-GDR embassy and consulate 
that are not all in use today, he brought back to life, through sounds: 
the sauna, the wine bar, the cinema, the visa application booths and the library.

the full audio piece : 



Installation and furniture: Natasha Sabrodskaya

Audio: Viktor Timshin


Layout: Johanna Ruukholm
Drawings: Eleonore de Montesquiou
Text: Sergey Nikitin